Electronic Cigarettes — Info, Usage, and Benefits

Electronic CigaretteThe revolutionary new healthier way to “smoke” that puts you in charge! Electronic cigarettes eliminate over 4000 toxic chemicals while preserving the taste and enjoyment of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been on the market for about 3 years now, but until recently they have had limited appeal because of their unrealistic weight and look. However, the latest generation of e-cigarettes have solved these problems. They truly reproduce the “smoking” experience while respecting the concerns of non-smokers by eliminating the hazards of second-hand smoke and keeping the environment free from any unpleasant odors.

Today’s electronic cigarettes can actually help with smokers’ cravings because they offer the taste of tobacco, the experience of holding and puffing a realistic cigarette, and the emission of a smoke-like vapor. In addition, if you struggle with nicotine cravings, these electronic cigarettes can provide this as well, in varying strengths that you control by you choice of cartridges. So you can truly have a “smoking” experience without the health risks and without worrying about smoking bans.

Numerous Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes:

  • At least 75% – 80% cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • Contain no known carcinogenic (cancerous) toxins — actual smoking produces about 40 different cancerous substances
  • A healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes
  • Legal to use where second-hand smoke is prohibited
  • No lighting, burning, tar, or real smoke.
  • No ashtrays, no butts, and no objectionable odors or pollution
  • A great aid for smokers who wish to cut down or quit altogether: over time it’s easy to lower and eliminate the concentration of nicotine
  • Operation and Use

One of our favorite electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke, operates in the following manner: Inhaling on the e-cigarette operates a micro-switch, creating heat within an atomizer to produce very realistic-looking “smoke” (actually harmless water vapor). Within a few seconds, this “smoke” dissipates into the air, preventing the smoke smell that traditional tobacco cigarettes leave on your clothes, car, home, workplace, or any other confined area.

Before purchasing an electronic cigarette, it would be wise to read some reviews. Sadly, there are lots of low quality e-cig producers out there that advertise themselves as the “best” ones. So, check out this site: Esmoking E Cigarette Reviews or some other to compare different brands find out which e cigarettes are actually worth buying.

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